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Scottish Collection

Scottish Landscape
Jewellery - beautiful just as the Scottish wilderness

Tagua Jewellery

Beautiful Jungle
Breathtakingly Beautiful Jewellery From Nature

Scottish Designer Jewellery

Highland Cow Brooch by Andrew McCallum Jewellery

Andrew McCallum

Andrew McCallum is a Jewellery Designer and Goldsmith from the Scottish West Coast. His 35+ years of experience in the industry is imminently visible in the attention to detail that is inherent in his pieces. Only once a design is considered to be perfect by the master himself is a product released to the market. Andrew finds a lot of his inspiration from nature and this is reflected in his collection that encompasses many popular motives from the Scottish fauna and flora.

If quality is what you are after, then Andrew McCallum Jewellery is the way to go; you will not find mass production here.

Monica Milton Jewellery Pendant with Australian Boulder Opal

Monica Milton

Monica loves making jewellery and this love is reflected in her pieces which are full of elegance and thoughtfully made. Her collection beautifully combines the modern with inspiration from nature. Monica's Collection includes a wide range of popular (semi-)precious stones and there is a colour and stone that caters for your personal preference.

Whether it is a modern design you are after or you want a piece that is unique and a one-off, you find just that in Monica's Collection.

Clare Hawley Jewellery Gold-plated Birch Leaves Earrings

Clare Hawley Jewellery

Clare Hawley lives in a cottage in the high North of Scotland. Clare loves nature and this is reflected in the stunning pieces of her collection. Her pieces are timeless and bring you a wonderful collection at reasonable prices. If you are on the search for some classy and stylish everyday earrings or a necklace, then a piece or two of Clare's Collection will be just the right choice for you.

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