Waiting is not necessarily one of human's strongest virtues. While patience is considered a positive trait in someone's personality it does not mean we have to make the world a slow place. We don't follow the trend that EVERYTHING has to be faster and quicker - it's ok to slow down and enjoy life and beautiful things around us. However, this is not an excuse to develop slow websites. After all, what is the beauty in staring at a screen and waiting for the site to load? You surely have better things to do than waiting for slow websites.

Our aim is not only to provide you with a good selection of affordable and good looking jewellery, providing you with great customer service with a personal touch. No, we also want to provide you with a slick and fast website. We want you to enjoy browsing and make shopping fun and not a strain on your patience.

Therefore, we took a lot of effort to optimise our website to a high degree and squeeze the maximum performance out of it. We like taking on the challenge of putting a fast website in front of you while you benefit from less waiting but more achieving your goal on our website: Be it product research, shopping or just finding your next piece of jewellery.

Sadly (but good for us), not many businesses believe that a fast website may be important to their customers. Especially jewellery related websites suffer from poor – even VERY poor – performance. Yes, plenty of flashy and fancy images but on cost of website speed.

Idin Jewellery is fast!

Recently, we came across a selection of the "20 best jewellery websites". It was more like a selection of websites from the big chains. Amongst the selection criteria was speed. Yet running them through a performance testing tool, they performed very poorly. No naming and shaming here (and we also don't like to self-praise either), but do you like to stare for over 6 seconds at your screen just for the starting page to load (our competitors)? We don't think so. Our starting page loads in around only 1 second! (tested from a server in London and actual page speed depends on many factors).

Of course, you don't have to take our word for it. But you can check this out for yourself on sites like gtmetrix.com or Google's Pagespeed tool.

If, like us, you favour fast websites over painfully slow ones you have come to the right place and we wish you a good website experience. And while you browse our site, we keep improving it for you ;-)

Happy Browsing, Shopping and Exploring,

Your Idin Jewellery Team – Here For You!